Wildlife Friendly Garden

When I met the client for this project to discuss the garden before starting the work, it was clear that they were keen on wildlife and especially birds.   We decided to use plants, shrubs, a wild flower meadow and a water feature to entice as much wildlife as possible into the garden.


The plants and shrubs used included:- Lavender, Jasmine, Penstamons and Verbena Boniensis to encourage bees and butterflies. We also planted a Cotoneaster and other berry producing plants to encourage birds and add colour in the autumn and winter.


The trees we planted were:-


Mountain Ash - The berries are favoured by thrushes and blackbirds whilst the clusters of delicate, creamy-white flowers in spring provide food for insects.


Silver Birch - This can be used to improve soil quality for other plants to grow. Its deep roots bring otherwise inaccessible nutrients into the tree, which are recycled on to the soil surface when the tree sheds its leaves.